Created by "Lub Lub" in the years 2010 - 2014, The Lighted Lab was a cartoon centered on the rather eccentric lives of two fictional characters: Quirky engineer Wally Witman and his wife, Babsie Young. The Earth is a rather big place for Wally and Babsie, two grown-ups who see the world with the creative imagination of their five year old selves. When aliens from a distant galaxy decide to show up one day, the universe proves to be an even bigger madness. Or is it? A short little story about love, life, and beyond, The Lighted Lab is the perfect read for a good night's sleep.  

About The Author

I like drawing, but science and engineering have been the focus of my life. It's been a journey that got me hooked on finding answers. That path taught me not to take myself too seriously, which was why I shared this note with the editor of Physics Today. Surprisingly, they published it. Soon after, it was tweeted by Emanuel DermanTaking myself less seriously meant that I could start making up stuff that didn't have to make any sense. So I decided to draw more frequently and created The Lighted Lab. Having estimated a low probability of success, I decided to invest more time than money into my new hobby. So I draw using a regular optical mouse and the MS Paint software available free from Windows.  It hurts my wrist.  I suppose you could call me an "art-thritist", but it's the lowest cost solution to purchasing professional software. My wife calls me "Lub Lub", so it's my pen name.  She gave me lots of ideas and is the inspiration for "Babsie". A Lub, by her definition, is any one of the flabs on my ponch.  Thanks for visiting my site. 

Note: All characters and events in The Lighted Lab cartoon are fictional, and any resemblance that they may have to any individual or situation in real life is a complete coincidence. Some of the contents on this site have been copyrighted with United States Copyright Registration No. vau001079243.